SYSEN 6100 - Jim Hall: System-of-systems methodology for national infrastructure assessment

Abstract: There have been many calls for a more strategic, long-term approach to national infrastructure in the UK and elsewhere around the world. Whilst appealing in principle, in practice developing a national infrastructure strategy poses major challenges of complexity and uncertainty. The UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) has set out a systematic methodology for long term analysis of the performance of national infrastructure systems, which deals with each infrastructure sector (energy, transport, digital communications, water supply, waste water, flood protection and solid waste) in a consistent framework and assesses the interdependencies between infrastructure sectors. The methodology is supported with the world’s first infrastructure system of systems model (NISMOD), which has been developed for long term decision analysis in interdependent infrastructure systems. This talk will explain the ITRC’s methodology for national infrastructure assessment and will explain how NISMOD is being used to assess options for infrastructure provision in Britain. Short Bio: Professor Jim Hall FREng is Director of the Environmental Change Institute, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks in the School of Geography and the Environment, a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering Science and fellow of Linacre College. His research focuses upon management of climate-related risks in infrastructure systems, in particular relating to various dimensions of water security, including flooding and water scarcity. Jim Hall is a member of the UK independent Committee on Climate Change Adaptation. In 2010 Jim was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering "for his contribution to the development of methods for flood risk analysis, which underpin approaches for flood risk management in the UK and internationally." He is now a member of the Engineering Policy Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Public Voice Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He was a member of the panel conducting the Institution of Civil Engineer’s 2014 State of the Nation Infrastructure assessment. Until 2015 Jim Hall was co-chair of the Global Water Partnership / OECD Task Force on the Economics of Water Security and Sustainable Growth. He leads the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium, which has developed the world’s first national infrastructure simulation models for appraisal of national infrastructure investment and risks. His book "The Future of National Infrastructure: A System of Systems Approach" was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016. Jim has also published two books on flooding: Flood Risk Management in Europe: Innovation in Policy and Practice (Springer, 2007) and Applied Uncertainty in Flood Risk Management (Imperial College Press, 2013). He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Flood Risk Management, member of the ESRA Technical Committee on Safety from Natural Hazards and was until 2009 chairman of the International Association of Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research committee on Probabilistic Methods. Website: